Our Story

We believe in making life better for retailers.

Whola began because years in the wholesale fashion world showed us it was broken. Time away from the business for buyers, difficulty finding just the right styles & the stress of high pressure sales people.
We wanted to put the power back into retailers’ hands – buying what they needed, when it suited.

We love the Australian fashion industry & want to support our incredible retailers & labels to thrive. We want a world where we’re free to express ourselves through unique styles & explore amazing retail experiences.

We’ve started here – collating Australia’s best fast to market fashion brands for buyers to access instantly.
We’ve made the buying process better: search, compare, buy & receive.
We commit to detoxing your inbox. 
And we’re always here if you need us contact us.

We won’t stop here….we’re already working on technology to de-risk your buying & make it an even better experience.

Join us for the journey

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