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Midnight Mischief is the divine, silky pajamas that will have you dreaming about bedtime from your desk…. or anywhere else for that matter. In 2018, Tess Nguyen was scrolling through Gumtree when she found a business for sale. That business was Midnight Mischief. Since 2018, Tess has grown the brand through social media exposure, new products and gaining media attention.

Tess is a self-confessed minimalist, which shows in the sleek and glamorous designs of Midnight Mischief. Tess strives to create high-quality timeless designs that people can enjoy for years to come and that can be personalised. 

Tess deeply believes in the age-old quote “before you can help others, you must first help yourself”. Her passion for self-care has been sparked by her background and career as a physiotherapist. Tess has treated patients in hospitals, aged care facilities and private practices and has seen first hand the importance of self-care for one’s health and wellbeing.

The ethos around Midnight Mischief is to provide comfortable, luxurious pajamas with fun personalisation. Founder Tess sees the long term vision for Midnight Mischief as way more than just a pajama brand, but a brand that educates people on the importance of self-care and rest for your general wellbeing. 

Tess believes in caring for people through simple acts of luxury. The personalisation aspect of the brand is a small act of luxury that creates a sense of connection to the product, in turn creating a sense of community. Tess wanted to create a point of differation for her brand and knew that personalisation would attract a diverse range of customers who were looking for a sense of luxury and coziness in their sleepwear. 

From the moment Aussie influencers got their hands on these luxurious pajamas, life for Tess Nguyen has never been the same.  

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Please check your deliveries carefully as our return window for manufacturing faults is 14 days.

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