As you prepare your fashion store for the Christmas shopping frenzy, you may be wondering what trends you should buy into this year.

During the holiday season, it’s a good idea to inject some new styles into your inventory next to the tried-and-true bestsellers. But there are so many exciting new trends out there, which ones should you test out?

You’ve come to the right place for advice. In this article, we’ll give you our top picks of trending styles that your customers will love this summer. These styles are guaranteed to sell fast, so instead of being left with dead stock, you’ll find yourself reordering them again and again!

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summer fashion trends in Australia


The hottest summer fashion trends in Australia right now

1. Striped shirts

colourful striped shirts

Multicolour striped shirts are having a moment this summer. Uniting comfort and style, they’re a playful flashback to the technicolour films of the 70s. The pastel colour blocks lend the classic cut a youthful look without appearing childish. 

Striped shirts can be worn unbuttoned and half-tucked into a pair of shorts for a trendy, casual fit. Whether it’s oversized shirts or shirt dresses, your customers will fall in love with this style when they see it in your store this season. 

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2. Gingham

gingham patterned dresses and tops

Gingham is one of those trends that seem to come back every few years – and this season, it’s making noise! A cheerful pattern that will put anyone in a good mood, gingham can be sensual and feminine when paired with the right silhouette. 

Think short, flowy summer dresses that instantly evoke the peace and joyfulness of the countryside or beautiful wrap tops that lend a simple elegance to an everyday look. The pattern can be big or miniature, it doesn’t matter – gingham will steal the hearts of your customers this year. 

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3. Basket bags

round and rectangular basket bags

Basket bags are part of a larger trend that favours organic materials over synthetic, man-made ones. Humans are inherently attracted to nature, just as your customers will be to these woven bags made of natural fibres. 

Thanks to their neutral tones, basket bags go well with any of the colourful clothing styles that are in this season. In addition, their XXL size makes them super practical for trips to the farmer’s market or a slow day at the beach. They come in diverse shapes, from rectangular to round. 

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4. Cutouts

dresses and tops with cutouts

Celebrities and Instagram influencers are all rocking cutouts this season. While some garments have subtle cutouts that accentuate just the right spot, others are more daring and show skin in surprising places. 

However, the strategic placement of the cutout always lends a sexy-and-classy feel to these items, drawing attention to the beautiful curves of the feminine silhouette. Any materials, colours and patterns go with this trend and it appears everywhere from dresses and tops to skinny jeans. 

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5. Nautical boho

boho style dresses with nautical details

Boho fashion, an offspring of the bohemian culture and lifestyle of the 60s and 70s, has taken many forms throughout the years. This summer, it’s shape-shifting into a nautical version of itself, with garments and accessories that remind us of sandy beaches and quaint fishing villages. 

Whether it’s a sky-blue two-piece with nautical rope detail, a delicate skirt with a wide pirate belt, or a flattering bikini with tiny flower print, your customers will adore this fresh take on boho. And don’t forget to offer them a hat to go with their new outfits!

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6. Oversized look

oversized shirts and dresses

Oversized items have been trending for a number of years now and this trend is not letting up. Just as well, because who doesn’t love getting to wear comfy, spacious clothing that doesn’t cling to their bodies in the summer heat, while also looking chic? 

Your customers will want to have at least a couple of oversized shirts and dresses in their closet for the days when they just want to throw on something pretty without overthinking it. Colour blocks, floral patterns, stripes – as long as it comes in loose-fitting sizes, this style will sell fast.

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7. Babydolls

babydoll dresses and tops

Voluminous dresses and tops with a playful silhouette, babydolls are perhaps the cutest trend of this summer. The puff sleeves and pleated skirts suggest a childlike innocence that you can balance out by adding a nice pair of heels or jewellery. 

This style appeals to a younger audience, so make sure to keep your customer avatar in mind when shopping for babydolls. 

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8. Hair clips

hair clips of different styles

We never thought the day would come, but 90s claw clips are back! And so are many different styles of hair clips, from elegant metal pins decorated with pearls to hair clips made of plastic or resin in all manner of colours. 

Celebrities are wearing multiple hair clips, some veritable statement pieces, and making them the star of the show. Placement matters, too: this summer, hairpins go above the ears and in the front, close to the forehead. 

Best of all, hair clips serve as the perfect small purchase for customers to add to their carts once they’re done browsing your online fashion store.

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9. Layered necklaces

layered gold necklace sets

 Speaking of accessories, this summer is all about golden jewellery – and the more of it, the better, especially when it comes to necklaces. Golden medallions embellished with images of the sun, the moon or zodiac signs are in right now, and so is layering two or three necklaces of different lengths and thicknesses. 

Your customer will be thrilled to find necklace sets in your store that they can mix and match to create a refined, sophisticated look. 

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10. Eco brands

garments made of eco friendly materials

Sustainability is a hot topic in fashion. As the demand for environmentally-friendly clothing grows, an increasing number of fashion brands are making efforts to produce garments that are respectful to the planet.  

Niche eco labels like Lylou put a lot of care into both materials and design. The result is a wonderful array of natural fabrics and earthy colours for garments that are 100% plastic-free, biodegradable and vegan. 

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11. Luxe linen

colourful dresses made of linen

Linen is an underrated material. It’s a surprisingly versatile fabric that can be used to create all sorts of clothing items, from dresses to two-piece suits. 

This season, linen pieces come in neutral beiges and blacks as well as fun, summery pastels. Make sure to add a few of these pieces to your inventory so your customers can discover these lush fabrics perfect for the warm weather. 

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summer fashion trends in Australia - conclusion


These are the top-selling 2022 summer fashion trends in Australia

We hope you enjoyed our roundup of the hottest fashion trends for this season. Here’s a quick recap so you can start buying into these new styles right now:

  1. Striped shirts
  2. Gingham
  3. Basket bags
  4. Cutouts
  5. Nautical boho
  6. Oversized look
  7. Babydolls
  8. Hair clips
  9. Layered necklaces 
  10. Eco brands 
  11. Luxe linen


summer fashion trends in Australia faq


Frequently asked questions

What are the trends for summer 2022?

In Australia, the hottest fashion trends for summer 2021-2022 include striped shirts, gingham-patterned dresses and tops, basket bags, layered necklaces and environmentally-friendly materials like linen.

What tops are in fashion in 2022?

Tops with strategically placed cutouts are in right now, and so are wrap tops with patterns like gingham. If your customers are looking for a casual and trendy look, invite them to try on a striped shirt or a top with a babydoll silhouette. 

What should you not wear in 2022?

Fashion is a creative choice, so everyone should wear whatever they want. However, if your customers are looking to stay on-trend, advise them to steer clear of things like tie-dye shirts and trackies – these are very last year. 

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