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There’s a magic inside all of us that’s there if you look hard enough. And that’s how we roll here at Damselfly. We create beautiful things from the deepest, darkest parts of our hearts and set them free as little forms of self-expression.

We seek to design pieces that help you to express yourself and celebrate the strange beauty within us all. We’re a collective of wild hearts and open minds who dare to dream and know we can. Because we’re creating all kinds of ways for you to bring your own inspiration to life. 

When it comes to our products, we don’t just take a stab in the dark or wait for our unicorn to decide. We’re methodical and meticulous in our approach to design. Everything we create has a reason and a story behind it. You’ll often find us headfirst in a book: apothecary anthropologies, mineralogy dictionaries, insect encyclopedias ... seriously ! Not many people know this about us. But it’s our thoroughly researched inner geek that leads our brains to the wonder of what’s possible.

Together, we form a kick ass team of politically incorrect, yet big hearted dreamers, who are passionate about creating, inspiring and of course, pushing the envelope at times. Because life is short, and we all need a good laugh.

At the helm of this wild world? Our founder Christianna Heideman, our super human, super humble girl boss who knows all about risking it for the biscuit. Her story speaks to the heart of everything we do here at Damselfly - That anything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve.

At age six, she picked flowers from unsuspecting neighbours and sold them. At age 10, she made friendship bands and sold them too. At age 19, she started making jewellery (and started Damselfly) from her parent’s garage. When she expanded into candles, she googled “how to make soy candles” and made them in her kitchen. She’s worked her butt off and her brain off in equal measure. And she’s the reason we’re here kicking proverbial ass today. She flies the flag for fierce females and style slayers worldwide with her interpretation of what it means to be a modern woman - part sexy, part charming, bucket loads of humour and a good dose of naughty. 

So if you’re a wandering soul who’s never stopped believing, you’re right where you’re meant to be: in The Damselfly Collective, where anything is possible. We stand for all those believers with adventure in their mind, and a twinkle in their eye.

There’s never a normal day at Damselfly, and that’s exactly how we like it.  



We respectfully request a minimum order of $300. 

If you have any questions please contact Whola's Retailer Happiness Assistance team on 0416 681 530

Shipping Policy

Due to the fragile nature of our products we require 24-72 hours to correctly pack and dispatch your order. 


Return Policy

From time to time all brands experience faults.

Please check your deliveries carefully as our return window for manufacturing faults is 14 days.

Should you experience a fault, please refer to our FAQ page HERE

Unfortunately, items returned without a valid Return Authorisation Number cannot be processed.

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